No discounts on Liquor says Delhi Government

Crowds thronged the vends as liquor retailers offered discounts and deals such as “buy one, get one free.” Some law-and-order issues were also reported, and police were dispatched to keep the mob under control.

The city’s excise authority has ordered that reductions on alcohol’s MRP be discontinued, which is a big blow to booze customers in Delhi. The Delhi Excise Department made the decision after huge lines at many booze retailers in the city caused law and order issues. Furthermore, the excise department warned that the Covid problem is still there and tempting clients with steep discounts will not aid in the virus’s containment.

The excise department claims that “It has been brought to the Department’s attention that, as a result of the discounts offered by the licensees through their retail vends, large crowds have gathered outside the liquor stores, causing law and order issues and causing inconvenience to the local population. It’s also worth remembering that the Covid crisis is far from done, and the threat of Covid-19 still exists. As a result, the large crowds are anticipated to exacerbate the increase in Covid cases in Delhi “.

The agency issued an order instructing licensees to stop granting concessions, rebates, or discounts, and threatening to take legal action against those who do. Furthermore, the Delhi government stated that the discount is being phased out because it encourages unhealthy market practices by some licensees who are just interested in short-term profits, resulting in market distortions.

The elimination of booze discounts will foster healthy market competition and consumer choice, according to the excise agency. “The government’s goal in allowing discounts in the new Excise Regime was not to allow discounting of this sort,” it stated.

People in Jagatpuri had lately resorted to throwing stones, breaking the shop’s glass panes, and injuring the employees after a liquor store refused to give them a discount.
Many people began purchasing and storing enormous quantities of liquor after liquor retailers in Delhi dropped prices by up to 40%, fearing that the incentives would be abolished after the current fiscal year ended.

Foreign brands are cheaper in the national capital than in Gurugram, according to several shops. For example, a bottle of Chivas Regal (12 years) was selling for 1,890 at a few Delhi liquor stores, whilst the same brand is selling for 2,150 in Gurugram, with a discount of 150 per bottle if three bottles are purchased. Chivas Regal has an MRP of 2,920 in Delhi.

Last year, the Delhi government adopted the Excise Policy 2021-22, as well as the terms and circumstances for granting various types of licences. According to the Excise Department’s tender document for granting 849 retail liquor licences, licensees are free to offer rebates, discounts, or concessions on the Excise Commissioner’s maximum retail price of liquor.

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