Cosmo Films Launches Eco-friendly Fabritizer

What are the new products launched by Cosmo Films and Speciality Chemicals recently?

Under our Films division, we have come up with several products like our Direct Thermal Printable Films, High Gloss and High Scratch Resistant Pressure SensitiveLabelstock films, TeploR(heat resistant film to promote mono-layer structures), and Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral Lamination Films.

Under our synthetic paper category, we have come up with a unique product which we call CSP Flexi, which is a high tear resistant synthetic paper; specially designed for tag applications.

As part of Cosmo Speciality Chemicals, we have come up with 18 unique pre-treatment, dyeing auxiliary and finishing textile chemicals. 

We have also ventured into the B2C Consumer segment with our recent innovation, Fabritizer, an after wash laundry sanitizer which kills 99.9% germs from the fabric and gives a protection of upto 7 days. It is also quite effective against human coronavirus 229E. 

Are all the products manufactured by your company eco-friendly & sustainable?

At Cosmo Films, we lay a lot of focus on sustainability. Every year, we see an increased outcry for sustainability and reduction of Carbon Footprints on social media, in world conferences and summits. While this has helped us understand the importance of a sustainable future, it has also led to several misconceptions about the use and recyclability of plastics.

Cosmo Films has come out with several solutions to help improve plastic recyclability.We are a focused polypropylene film player which are either cast films or bi-axially oriented. The two types of films could be used individually for single layer/duplex structures or in combination to form mono-material laminates without compromising on the aesthetics and performance of the pack. BOPP and CPP films also offer benefit of better yield and in turn less consumption of plastics and overall lesser laminate cost. Cosmo Films is working very closely with several FMCG brands to understand their needs, the needs of the consumer and is then helping them to develop easy to recycle packaging laminates for their products, without compromising on the different functionalities that a particular packaging is supposed to provide.

Apart from these, the company has also introduced a unique Synthetic Paper, which can be used as a replacement of wood pulp based paper in applications like certificates, mark sheets, menu cards, tags and more; thus helping reduce the cutting down of trees.

What are your expansion plans for B2C marketing?

We have announced entering 2 different market segments – Pet care and Fabritizer. On Pet care, we plan to launch host of products and services digitally and through retail presence. We shall scale up faster on this once we do our pilot testing for the first 6 months. Our aim is to have 5% market share in the Pet care segments we operate within the first 5 years.

As regards Fabritizer, we would like to scale-up gradually as the dynamics are quite different. Fabritizer is quite an innovative product and has attracted the attention of consumers and is available on e-commerce platforms. Over the next few weeks, it should be available on some modern trade outlets. Once we understand the consumer preferences better, we will evaluate to launch newer products and make it available over different channels.

So far, how has been your experience in the B2C industry?

It is early days to make any comment, however, the journey is quite enriching for all our stakeholders. It will certainly help enhancing Cosmo brand value and take Cosmo vision to millions of people in India and overseas.

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