Covid-19 Lockdown: Impact On The Hospitality Industry

Covid -19 pandemic has impacted all of our lives and none of the businesses/ jobs could remain an exception to it. In our this feature, we will try and delve into the problems of a few setups who have been impacted by Covid-19 lockdown.

One of the best luxuries in life is enjoying a good slice of pizza and relaxing. One of the best home grown pizza brand in India, La Pino’Z Pizza, which you will find in most of the cities is ready to bring their delicious offerings back revamped. La Pino’Z Pizza has 200 + outlets across India with millions of satisfied customers. Started with just 2 outlets in Delhi about 2 years back, the brand has expanded to over 20 outlets, As the lockdowns are being lifted across the country, they are ready to provide you with the best pizza experience of your life. La Pino’Z Pizza believes that making a great pizza is both an art and a science. It requires a special type of knowledge and skills while also utilizing immaculate artistry.

During the pandemic, the demand for the sanitizers have also increased multifold and knowing the current situation we are in right now, it is very important for us to keep ourselves sanitized every now and then. We all wished for a sanitizer that can keep us sanitized and germ-free all day long. Just Human is a revolutionary 24 Hour hand sanitizer that you have to use just once a day. It’s a game-changer for being the first hand sanitizer that provides all day protection. 

Covid- 19 pandemic sheared all the opportunity in the wellness sectors. Many businesses, especially the retail sector, have been majorly affected. The potential of ushering or rethinking to start the business sector has immensely lost the opportunity. It has become difficult to reshape it in every way.

Since the start of the pandemic, government restriction started affecting the organization, especially the retailer sector. The loophole was also majorly seen in the connectivity of the customers. The fear of the customers brought a downfall in the work mobility. As Birla Ayurveda is associated with wellness and wellbeing, tangibility was their major concern.

The circumstances also diversified the working of the business. Many employees were at the risk of losing their jobs. The companies were in a recession in terms of employees. Many employees lost their jobs due to the loss of income and the depreciation in the Budget. Many retreat centres had to shut down permanently due to the inflation in fixed costs. A huge impact was faced while hiring the recruitment in Covid-19 time. It was because the expectations of the candidates did not meet our budget. As the surroundings were not safe, nor the situation, many therapists and the doctors faced some fear of travelling.

Another venture called Vediko started from single farmland of 1 acre near Delhi. Currently, they are connected with more than 100 farmers, working on 1000 acres of organic farmland in total. Shipping our products pan India and serving 10000+ families from our farmer’s group.

Apart from this they are organizing farmer’s training camps and spreading awareness in villages about organic cow-based farming as well.

As the demand for their organic products is increasing month to month, they are also working towards ramping up the production levels, and with this, we are looking to add more farmers in our group.

Vediko ensures that our organic products are available to consumers through grocery stores, supermarkets & online portals while providing home deliveries Pan India.

By organic farming, they ensure consumer’s good health and provides farmers a sustainable and fulfilling life, thus feeding our inner-self with happiness and self-satisfaction! 

Vediko is an all-artisanal maker of organic farm goodness with handcrafted pure farm products such as Raw honey, cold pressed oils, ghee, Murabba etc. that inspires trust & vision in its patron communities. Thus, helping them experience traditional living, in the freshest, homely, and cruelty-free way. Their business hasn’t really been impacted because of them selling their products online.

 A unit of Ferns N Petals comprises of breathtaking wedding venues, who organizes Luxury weddings. FNP has been a part of many celebrations since 1994 by not only offering a wide range of gifting options but also offering vast spaces to celebrate them. The journey started with the wedding décor which has now resulted in the opening of 11 wedding venues in prime locations of Delhi NCR – The Ritz The Riviera & The Riviera House – Gurugram, Udman Resort – Mahipalpur, Vilasa – Kapashera, The Kundan – Kapashera, Shagun Farms – Bandh Road and Chhatarpur Central, Opulent Hotel and Pavilion – Chattarpur.

Ferns n Petals outlet

At FNP Wedding & Gardens, they have faced a major impact of Covid -19 Where they use to organize 700-800 Weddings in a financial year, the last fiscal year they could barely manage about a 100 Weddings and obviously with a capping on the size of the gathering as per government norms. This present financial year so far has been a complete washout.

I hope this situation settles soon and we can see the hospitality industry growing again leaps and bounds.

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