Dallas salon owner who reopened despite coronavirus restrictions gets 7 days in jail

A salon owner in Dallas, Texas, is fighting to keep her business open amid the coronavirus outbreak despite receiving citations and threats of arrest.

A Texas salon owner was given seven days in jail on Tuesday after she refused to apologize for defying coronavirus related restrictions by remaining open for business.

Dallas business owner Shelley Luther was given a choice: She could offer an apology for selfishness, pay a fine and shutdown until Friday, or serve jail time.

“I have to disagree with you, sir, when you say that I’m selfish because feeding my kids is not selfish,” she told the judge. “I have hairstylists that are going hungry because they would rather feed their kids. So sir, if you think the law is more important than kids getting fed, then please go ahead with your decision. But I am not going to shut the salon.”

After her refusal to show contrition, bailiffs led her away to be booked. Her sentence reportedly symbolizes the seven-days she stayed open, despite county regulations.

Luther had been cited by city officials but chose to ignore the warnings. She must also now pay a $7,000 fine.

Gov. Greg Abbott held a press conference Tuesday about the reopening of barbershops and salons, which is set to take place on Friday.


Texas hair salons, barbershops, nail and tanning salons can reopen Friday. Gyms will be allowed to reopen at 25 percent capacity on May 18.

There will only be one customer per stylist and people can only wait inside if they maintain social distancing. Appointment scheduling is encouraged to avoid large crowds.

Everyone will be encouraged to wear masks, Abbott said.

“This allows these types of businesses to open up, but it doesn’t require them to do so,” he explained. “Every owner of every salon should use their own best judgment.”

There’s still no date set for bars to reopen in the state, but Abbott said his administration is working on a solution.


He added that the 25 percent capacity limits do not apply to outdoor seating at restaurants, but the social distancing rules of 6 feet do.

The governor also said weddings are part of the ceremonies involved in rules for religious services, funerals, burials and memorials. They can occur, but must all have limited seating arrangements,

News Source : Fox News

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