Resist the Temptation of Sweets This Festive Season !

In an exclusive Interview with news360live, Ms Snigdha Kumar, Co-Founder, CEO, Cora Health speaks about various issues related to health and fitness. Excerpts are placed below :

How did you come up with the idea for Cora Health?

Cora was born out of our personal struggle to manage health conditions through lifestyle modification. We tried different solutions available in the market but it left us wanting for more – a simple yet personalized solution to discover food products that could help with our individual health conditions. As consumers ourselves, we have developed deep insights into the customer journey and pain points over the years. Given tour work experience in Flipkart, we also could see exactly where the gaps were in terms of untapped sectors and challenges D2C brands would face, and we were in a keen position to use our existing relationships to gain a foothold quickly.

How is Cora different from other health food aggregators?

We are bringing in innovation in both the demand and supply side of the marketplace, which has stayed the same since went live 20+ years ago. On the customer end, we are bringing innovation in the pre-purchase journey by giving them personalized product recommendations and on the supply side in this D2C era, most brands wish to be closer to the customer than what current platforms can offer. We offer brands insights into customer queries and feedback and work with them on tangible implementable action items.

To summarise for the customer, we provide these 3 benefits which are unmatched in the current market:

  • Trust – Authentic products sourced directly from reputed brands with zero fake claims
  • Simplified purchase experience- We have a super-simplified search and easier discovery of products suitable for you. Also, Customers no longer have to sift through and decipher nutrition labels. Cora does that  for you
  • Guidance – Customers can get guidance on making lifestyle choices through our in-house experts. They will soon be able to interact with the best experts on our platform, ask them questions or go for a full consultation

Snigdha Kumar, Co-Founder, CEO, Cora Health

Since you were talking about Indian sweets, as we are approaching the festive season, what are the health implications of eating the regular ones available in the market?

The sweets we generally eat and we love to eat are usually very high in “empty calories” and sugar, these have very low to almost no nutritional value to our body and results in unhealthy weight gain and obesity. The high sugar in these items spikes the insulin levels in our blood which is very bad for our health. Yes, eating them once in a while means no harm but for a few, the harm can be higher than others. Personalization and moderation is the key, understanding your health and which form of sweets you can eat is important – Organic Jaggery sweets, Sugarfree sweets with stevia, Clean sweets with no preservatives, and more are available today for customers to choose from.

We see a lot of people dieting and getting into exercise to get into shape for the festivals! What would be your suggestions to them?

Wanting to look your best self during festivals is only natural, we shop for new clothes and we always have an image of ourselves in mind. However I would like to say to be kind to oneself and celebrate the shape you’re in and work out ways to do things you enjoy, eat things you like. A positive relationship with food is the founding stone for achieving your health goals. To develop this further we need to understand how our body gets impacted with different foods, and to choose foods that we like and are good for us. A lot of diets which become popular during this time might not be for everyone, and embarking on them can leave you demotivated when you don’t get the results you have in mind, either immediate or long term. Our diet is extremely personal to our metabolism, gut health, and existing health issues we might face. It might come as a surprise, but there are 4 different types of PCOS, all manifesting very differently from another, and the diet choices being different as well, hence going for a personalized recommendation for diet would be highly useful. We at Cora, believe in empowering each user with understanding their relation with food and nutrition better, either through Health Coaches or through discovering the content we put out.

Sweets form an important component of each celebration. Each festival brings with it different types of Indian ‘mithai’. How can one resist the temptation of these delicacies during festivals?

Indian festivals mean food and are at the core of all our celebrations. For long, our festivals have meant our diet and health routines going for a toss, and you would have to either end up choosing to not participate in the festivities or move away from your diet. In line with what we heard from our customers about wanting Healthy alternatives that they could enjoy with their family – we are very excited to launch our range of hampers for festivals. We give a curated selection of Keto Desserts and Snacks to healthy trail mixes reinventing the erstwhile gifting hamper. We’ve also launched an option of a DIY custom gift box for customers to choose from an amazing selection and even gift boxes of their choice.

We hope to change the way India eats, make healthy living simple and this is another step in that direction.

How important is conscious eating/snacking especially during these times?

Conscious eating has an overreaching impact on one’s health – Intuitive eating, Understanding your intolerances, understanding the foods that work for you lead to not just better physical but mental health as well. Immunity aiding products that help you build your immunity over time came into consumer consciousness and hopefully stays that way, since immunity is built over time. Loved ones and family members around us have been impacted with COVID have been on antibiotic therapy which leads to an imbalanced gut, focusing on gut-friendly foods and bringing back your balance should be a priority, do reach out to your experts and work towards your health goals with them

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