“Do Qadam Tum Bhi Chalo Do Qadam Hum Bhi Chale” on L A C

New satellite imagery, released by US firm Maxar Technologies, supports the claim that not only is the PLA holding ground in Galwan Valley but has also shored up its military positions in the area.(File photo)

The duet song by late Mukeshji and India’s nightingale Lata Mangeshkar from hindi movie “Ek Hasina Do Diwane” (1972) resonates in the Galvan Valley post mutual agreement on disengagement.

The Do Diwanes (India & China) of Hasina Galvan Valley sacrificed a few of its soldiers to up their ante on their profound love for the Hasina. Post mutual agreement on disengagement – “Do Qadam Tum Bhi Chalo Do Qadam Hum Bhi Chale” , but peeche (Back).

India wants to know who was responsible for making our soldiers sitting ducks at the hands of the Chinese army? Our Govt was wary of the Chinese incursions in May’20, if not earlier. The movement of men and machines by the Chinese army was an open secret for the Indian Govt, yet the Govt chose to turn a ‘Nelson’s Eye’ on the serious developments. Consequently, 20 brave-hearts were martyred, many injured and a few taken captive by the Chinese army. The strategy on de-escalation/disengagement through EAM and Army Generals also failed. The country had expected Modiji to invoke his bonhomie with Chinese President Xi JIngping whom he had entertained on the swing in Ahmedabad. Modiji’s diplomacy on China failed to tame the dragon. Consequently, our soldiers were made sitting ducks at the hands of the Chinese army.

Our CDS also failed the nation at Galvan Valley. His maiden speech and the ones that followed as Chief of Army was on politics rather than assuring the nation on protecting the borders of India. During his tenure as Army Chief the Indian Army flourished as “Modiji ki sena”. He chose to remain silent when Lt. Col (R) Rathore (a Minister too) claimed that the Indian army is Modiji’s army. Also, many BJP leaders claimed the Indian Army as “Modiji ki sena”. Hence, Modiji ki sena failed to protect our brave-hearts and the boundaries of India which he disowned as Indian territories occupied by the Chinese army.

In the backdrop of Galvan Valley skirmish Modiji’s sudden visit to Galvan valley was obvious – to salvage his lost personal glory. The identical postures of the injured soldiers during Modiji’s visit to the hospital is rather intriguing as their injuries cannot be identical.

Modiji is a versatile actor and therefore deserves the “Dada Saheb Palke Award” for his excellent coverup on all his failures in the last six years of his governance as a Prime Minister of India. The failure of Achche Din covered up by de-monetization – GST – self credit on Balakot strike – Triple Talak – abrogation of Article 370 in Kashmir during rising un-employment (42 year high) and Citizen Bill. He must be thanking his stars for Covid 19 that gifted him country’s lock-down mode. During abrogation of Article 370 from Kashmir Lord Shiva was no important God for the Amarnath Yatris. Their long- cherished dream of paying obeisance (darshan) to Lord Amarnath was shattered when they were driven out of their holy place along with hundreds of tourists. Yet, the Govt blatantly invokes religion during election in the country. Govt’s threat perception from the militants in the valley was only a coverup when the media highlighted loss of almost 3 lac jobs in the automobile sector and many more to follow.

It was just a few days after the news of job losses was reported in the media, India’s Chanakya with the blessing of Modiji abrogated Article 370 from the valley and hoodwinked the nation. Kashmir valley till date remains under lockdown. Though militants are being killed they continue to strike, thus defeating the very purpose of abrogating Article 370. To tackle militancy in Kashmir it was unwise for the Govt. to use the same yardstick on the entire population of Kashmir and put them under indefinite lockdown which is against the fundamental rights guaranteed under the Indian Constitution. They are Indian citezens.

The role of NIA Chief in disengagement process also appears to be a coverup for Modiji in ceding our territories whom he has disowned.  His primary task is to gather intelligence on threat perception by the enemies of India, nationally and internationally. His name did not figure during Pulwama attack, abrogation of Article 370 and now Chinese incursion in Galvan Valley.

The godi media is in fact Modi media and defend the Govt like Attorney Generals and Solicitor Generals of India. A case in point is – defending Arnab in the High Court. In connivance with the Govt they have turned the people of this country into a servile class. Godi media has dumped its role that were played by the media during the freedom movement of India. For India, the statue of liberty has tilted in favour of the rich class because all pillars of hope under the Indian Constitution have been shattered by the present regime. Latest being Chief Justice of India riding Harley Davidson belonging to a MLA’s son.   

Returning to the Galvan Valley, the defence forces of India, and not Modiji ki sena, are prepared to thwart any further incursions by the Chinese army. The people of India were not living in bunkers when Modiji became the Prime Minister in May’14. India has gifted many CEOs to USA and some European countries. These CEOs are the products of educational Institutions established prior to May’14. Hence, world respects India. The drug of the day HQC is also a gift by Nehruji -a man of right visions for India and now the world over. In contrast Modiji reiterates ‘make in India’, but is on a selling spree of PSUs.

The Galvan Valley episode will become difficult to forget under the garb of “Do Qadam Tum Bhi Chalo, Do Qadam Hum Bhi Chale”, but peeche disengagement policy on our very soil by Modiji who claims himself to be “desh ka rakhwala/chowkidar”.

Modiji, in the last six years has been running with the hare, hunting with the hounds. Concealing source of political funding as well as Prime Minister Care Fund speaks of Modiji’s mindset. He has established himself as an extra Constitutional Authority which is detrimental in the interest of India’s democracy.

S F Purushottam

National Sr. Vice President

Loktantrik Janata Party (Secular)

New Delhi.

Email: fsatyen@yahoo.in


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