Tejashwi’s job promise likely to influence voters

By Our Special Correspondent

Patna: While the media – television news channels or newspapers – has deliberately played down the 10 lakh job promise made by Mahagathbandhan leader Tejashwi Yadav, ground reports suggest that the “timely and much-needed promise” will highly influence polling in the coming assembly elections in Bihar.

Rarely any media outlets ran stories around the job promises because of “poor perception” of the Yadav’s scion as they run the risk of being confronted on the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “two-crore job promise” that he had made in 2014 parliamentary elections campaign.

Political analysts, however, believe that it was a “master stroke” of the RJD leader which will “definitely influence the poll outcome” unemployment is one of the biggest issues in the poll-bound state. According to a statistic, the state’s unemployment rate is around 46.6%, one of the highest in the country. “Nitish Kumar has given hope to the youth by providing jobs. And they harbour the hope. However, the chief minister’s kitty is empty. Tejaswhi is rightly exploiting the hope by promising jobs,” said Rizwan Ahmed, a psephologist. Ahmed, however, said that full-filling promise is different, but it will definitely attract people. “A word of hope is enough for people in peril,” he concluded.

“Nitish Kumar has nothing new to offer. He has done marvellous job in the field of road and electricity. Whether he loses or win, he will continue to be ‘Sushashan Babu’. But at this stage people want more, so they seem to go for experiment,” Maneshwar Kumar, an unemployed youth told News360.

The issue of unemployment accentuated following the coronavirus-induced lockdown resulting into return of migrants to the state. “The images of piteous return of labourers are afresh in the minds of people. Will the people forget the inhuman manner meted out to them by the state and the central governments? People are going to give electoral punishment,” said Salma Khatoon, who is one of the wretched who travelled on foot to her home state, bearing all sorts of odds. Political commentators believe that the media should try to make the job promise as “a dominant poll narrative” instead of going haywire. 

The chief minister mocked Tejashwi Yadav on the issue. “These days many people are saying they will give so many jobs. But from where will they bring the money for the purpose? Will they bring it from the jail or will they do it through fake notes.”

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