Maha Guv falicitates Teamology Director Gulrez Alam with Iconic Entrepreneur Award

For a long time in India, blue-collar jobs and secure jobs were the center of attraction for most people. Seldom have people picked the path of opening their own venture.

Thankfully, today this thought process has seen a paradigm shift as innovative businesses have started emerging lately. More people are trying to build their fortune by themselves through a venture rather than spending their lives behind desks.

Indeed, India is witnessing a new wave of entrepreneurship, which is sweeping all orthodox beliefs and practices. Many prominent entrepreneurs have emerged from India in no time, and made the nation proud through their innovative startups. One such entrepreneur is Gulrez Alam.

The Journey

As the co-founder of public relations agency Teamology Softech Media Services Pvt. Ltd., he built his organization’s expertise in providing digital PR, digital marketing, e-commerce, and brand management capabilities. He transpired his exceptional consulting knowledge into the agency, which focused on carrying an in-depth analysis of clients’ product and service profiles and providing them with tailor-made PR solutions.

Maharashtra Gaurav Award encourages innovative Indian startups

Maharashtra Gaurav Award 2022 was organized by Mid-Day at Mumbai Raj Bhavan on 9 February. In this ceremony, those who rendered their service in various fields were honored. Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari and Famous Personality Amrita Fadnavis honored GulrezAlam with the Iconic Entrepreneur Award in Digital PR for his exceptional contribution to the PR industry.

Receiving the award, GulrezAlam expressed his gratitude and said, “I am truly humbled for having been bestowed upon the prestigious Maharashtra Gaurav Award from Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari Ji and our multi-talented personality Amrita Fadnavis Ji. “Thanking his company and customers, he adds, “Thank you. They’re two simple yet extraordinarily powerful words. Taking the opportunity at hand, I would like to express my heartfelt thank you to the entire team of Teamology Softech Media Services Pvt. Ltd., all our customers, associates, and well-wishers. Without the unwavering support of my team, this achievement is incomplete. This award has motivated me to keep serving our clients with utmost dedication and transform their businesses by creating a strong brand reputation online. I would also like to thank Mid-Day, especially, for always encouraging Indian startups and giving them the recognition they deserve.”

From a very early age, Gulrez realized his passion for telling stories that could motivate. Thus, instead of running after getting a full-time desk job, he chased his dreams to become an entrepreneur in the PR industry. It is no surprise that this man’s love for storytelling and marketing made him such a renowned name in the industry in such a short time. After completing his studies, Gulrez’s journey to becoming an entrepreneur began. He faced all the hardships and overcame challenges one at a time to achieve the position he holds today. This award has further encouraged Gulrez and his company, Teamology Softech Media Services Pvt. Ltd to provide even better digital services for big-size companies, MSMEs, and Social Media Influencers with limited budgets alike.

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